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  • Get a Watch Camera and Add some Interest to Your Dull Life!

    If you have thought that the watch camera was only suitable for recording an important meeting or a business negotiation, then, you would look down upon this magical watch. Today, more interesting and meaningful usage will be recommended. 

    For instance, you can take it along to an excellent speech while the spy watch camera will work itself and not disperse your attention as well. Besides, if you feel too shy to carry a camera or phone and photograph your god or goddess, then the spy watch will solve this awkwardness. April Fool’s Day is coming, have you thought out how to fool your friends? No matter what evil tricks you got, it will be funnier to record these tricks and share with your friends. Then you can say, “Come on! It is just April Fool’s Day!”

    This video watch camera is in the stainless case. The camera lens is at the position of 6 o’clock and there are 4 pieces of IR LEDs around it while the indicator light is at 12 o’clock. The mode button and power button locate at the two edges separately. Meanwhile, it is a real wrist watch, and you just need to use the time adjustment knob to adjust the current time when you receive it. In addition, you can feel free the flashing indicator lights will expose its identity, as the hidden camera watch will stay off when it is during the audio recording or video recording except for photography mode, however, even though the indicator lights are illuminated or flashing, the light won’t be strong enough to attract the attention of persons 5 meters away. The video resolution is up to 1440x1080 while the picture resolution is about 4032x3024. Plus, there is 8GB memory built in and the operating battery life is about 50 minutes, thus, remember to let the watch camera shut off when you don’t need to record anything, after all, you can complete powering on it and start recording within 1 minute.

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  • Be Capable of Recording Videos? That’s the Smart Watch Camera This Time!

    Time changes as the technology develop. If you still take the watch as a timer tool or decoration, then, you will be derailed from latest fashion. Now, the wrist watch can be used for recording videos, audios, and taking photos. Judging from the surface, you will find nothing different from the normal ones except for the covers of mini USB port and function buttons on the edge of the watch camera. However, as they are perfectly inlayed there by the designers, the spy watch will bring about the suspicion of nobody. Moreover, the rechargeable battery and Micro SD card slot are hidden behind the back cover. What a miracle baby!

    Pressing the upper function button once, the spy watch camera will be powered on and enter into video recording mode, then, you can press the lower button on the same edge to choose from video recording, audio recording and photography mode while pressing the upper button to start or stop working in the corresponding mode afterwards. The indicator lights will blink, stay on or turn off to react every successful operation. When accessing these files by the connection to the computer through the USB cable, you will get 1280x720P HD video files in AVI mode, 4032x3024 photos in JPG mode and audio files in WAV mode.

    As the operating lifetime is up to 1.5hs, you can take the video camera watch to listen to a lecture to share with your friends, to attend a business meeting to avoid other parties’ breaking their promise, to record the tedious history class and then review the lessons before the examination…If you like, you can just capture your god or goddess in the street, party, etc.

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  • To unearth the truth, I have gotten a watch camera!

    Recently, several websites have picked up the video that a seafood seller weighs some seafood products, puts them in a plastic bag, but then give her buyers a different package and the whole process of losing honesty is recorded by a hidden camera. If she had seen the camera carried by the reporters, she would have show better attitude to her god with the smile on the face instead. Thus, it is the invisible lens that lets the truth be unearthed completely. Carrying the watch camera, you can record the persons and accidents around you and spot the suspicious ones.

    The more common the spy watch looks, the better it will be, as less attention will be absorbed in this way. After all, black is kind of low-key itself. Pressing and holding the first button on the left edge, the spy watch camera will be powered on and start recording videos; then, the camera lens locating at 6 o’clock will capture 640x480 video files in AVI format. And you can stop it and continue to take photos at 1280x960 resolution by pressing the first button once and pushing down the third one on the same edge. There is already built-in 8GB memory inside the video camera watch, thus, when reading the files, you just need to connect the cam watch to the computer by using the USB cable attached, in addition, you can also charge the hidden camera watch in this way as the rechargeable battery only supports 40-minute operating lifetime on a full charge every time. When the indicator lights are on or flashing to show you that the camera watch reacts properly, the light of them won’t bring about too much attention. Besides, The button on the right edge is designed to adjust the time of the watch.

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