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  • With the Professional Listening Device, You Will Get the Voices Much More Easily!

    As for detectives, journalists, policemen, and other persons who need to collect some footage in a secret way, they usually need some special tools to assist them to finish these tasks. Except for spy cameras, a professional listening device will be essential. However, the ordinary ones usually cannot reach the targets’ voices because of the thick wall. Then, you can use this hearing aid to get them through the wall.

    So, what the hell is picking up the sound through the wall? Simply, it is that you can hear the voice of other rooms through the walls. F999B, the subject we talk about today, is easy to take along and simple to operate. Besides, it can always get the sound regardless of the wall is with concrete, steel, wood, iron, glass, or air brick. Meanwhile, the whole body of the spy listening device is made of metal, which can shield the electromagnetic waves from other electrical devices and the metal searching pin gives another guarantee on the sensitivity of sound pickup and reality of sound transmission. Except for them, the Sony headphone with high quality provides a real sound. The combination of these three elements contributes to this excellent bugging device.

    The listening device is with 4 audio frequencies for different situations and the built-in FM radio transmitting components can bring the signals to faraway places. In addition, the searching pin can be stuck into the crack in the door or wall and the headphone jack can be connected to the outer audio recording device to complete the sound pickup simultaneously.

    If you are interested in in this bugging device, please go ahead to our official website to know more about it. 

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