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  • Gl4000 Spy Glasses Camera User Guide

    The Spy Glasses Camera looks normal but it's powerful with function of Snapshot ,Web Camera,AV  Recording. Below is wiseupshop Spy Glasses Camera's related introduce:


    Spy Glasses Camera

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  • HD Portable Mini DV Camcorder(F9000)User Guider

    The Mini DV Camcorder is a lightweight, smooth electronic gadget.Widely used in travelling and party. Below is the Mini DV Camcorder's related introduce:

    Chapter 1: Before you begin

    1.Overview   2.Accessories

    Chapter 2: Operation

    1.Power on/off    2.Recording video         3.Taking photos
    4.Motion detective recording   5.Reset    6.Charging

    Before you begin 

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  • 8GB 1080P HD Spy Camera Hat with Motion Actived Function

    We’re always striving to bring customers the best spy equipment, and all kinds of spy gadget.Today  i'll introduce a most popular type of  gadget—spy camera hat .

    Spy Camera Hat

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  • Skimer Used huddle tactics to avoid ATM security camera

    Because of skimming attack on Costlands, Paraparaumu. Kiwibank has had to foot the huge bill. The criminal attacked on a Kapiti ATM have prevented identification by working in couples to hide from the product of security camera.

    security camera

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  • The most Famous spies in history

    Top 3 daring and dangerous and famous spies with a brief overview of their espionage activities.Bring you to the different spy world.              

                                  Giacomo Casanova, Venetian Spy

    Famous spies

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  • 3 Most Prolific and Famous Spy In History

    These spies made a fake name for themselves for their compelling mixture of sex, secret dealings and scandal. Here are 3 of the most during history.

                                Famous Spy: Mata Hari, German Spy

    Famous Spy

    Possibly one of the most famous spies in history, As an exotic dancer and high class prostitute ,Mata Hari spied for Germany in Paris during the first world war. She had began her spying career after working as a courtesan to service for military men and politicians. Her courtesan status and Dutch passport allowed her to literally, sleep with the enemy and gather information for the German Official.

    Famous Spy
    Mata Hari’s discovered in January 1917, when French intelligence intercepted a German Military 
    Attache-encoded radio signal to Berlin which declared that they were receiving amazing information from a German spy code named H-21. On February 13, 1917 ,Mata Hari was arrested in a Paris hotel room . And executed by Firing Squad on September 15, 1917 .

                                    Famous Spies :Aldrich Ames

    Famous Spy

    Former CIA agent Aldrich Ames turned Soviet Union spy after being stationed in Ankara in 1985 . He had originally been sent to target Soviet intelligence officers for recruitment, but instead offered up US secrets to the Soviets due to his own financial and emotional woes. Assigned to the CIA’s European office, Ames had access to the identities of CIA operatives in the KGB and Soviet Military.

    This bring the compromise of  100 CIA agents and least 10 of execution of . It was Ames’ newly-
    acquired material wealth that expose him. Ames passed two lie detector tests while spying for the 
    Soviet Union, but he couldn’t hide his Soviet-funded half million dollar home, luxury car, or 
    thousand dollar phone bills from the CIA. Eventually he is caught by the FBI in 1994 and convicted to life in prison.

              Famous Spy: The Rosenbergs, Soviet Union Spies

    Famous SpyIn 1953 Married couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.In 1942 Julius was recruited by the KGB,and the couple became embroiled in espionage.KGB order them to pass classified reports and designs , including a fuze design which was used to shoot down a U-2 in 1960. He was assisted by Sergeant David Greenglass(his brother in law), who admitted to passing on classified information by Julius and Ethel .

    The case against them began in 1951 and found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage and executed by electric chair in Sing Sing Prison in 1953 . They were the only two American civilians to be executed for espionage during the entire Cold War.              

  • 8GB Wearable Small Hidden Cameras with Car DVR Funciton

    Today i'm excited to introduce our new style of internet-streaming hidden camera, the 1080P HD small hidden cameras.

    small hidden cameras

    This smile face Badge is a perfect small spy cameras, because face Badge re so common in our daily life. So you can place it in your living room, kitchen, office, business, retail store, even warehouse or garage for monitoring.

    And you can also remote control the small hidden cameras by mobile or PC tablet.Only need 4 simply  process :

    1.Download and install the app
    2.Scan the QR code on the camera
    3.Select your WiFi network
    4.View your live video

    After your camera is set up and running, you can view your video easily, in different places.
    Summary:if you’re looking for a mini hidden camera  to help you monitor your home or office.

  • If Spy Cameras law will post on books in future?

    State of Illinois has begin to allow families to place spy cameras in nurse house to assist and monitor their loved ones.

    Spy Cameras

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  • HD Wifi Alarm Clock with Remote Control Function

    If you hope to have a hidden video recorder at home but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a surveillance system then the wifi alarm clock pot on delivers an impeccable balance of performance, build and price. It is another in a long line of wifi spy camera that closely resemble the clock design. 

    Here is a quick overview of my short time with the wifi alarm clock.

    First and for most, this spy clock features 1280x720p high definition video recording. The camera lenses are very well disguised in the clock number. The lens easily blends in and does not stand out. So it appears to be just a normal clock. But there is a lot more to this device then meets the eye.

     wifi alarm clock

    When placed on continuous video record mode, this hidden camcorder records gapless video sessions. Files are 3 minutes long by default, which is about average for hidden video recorder file length. (you can set the file length between 1-60 minutes). The fact that there are no gaps between your recordings means you won't miss a single sec of action.

    There are 2 modes for this wifi alarm clock. One is P2P mode. In this mode, you can connect your smartphones, tablet /pc to the camera’s Wi-Fi and watch the P2P live view immediately. The other one is IP mode. When this mode is enabled, you can use your smartphone to watch the live view remotely as long as your phone has internet access. So you can use this high-tech device to protect your house, home, business and family from crooks, thieves and other harmful people.

    wifi alarm clock

    This wifi alarm clock comes complete in a box and it contains: the 720p spy clock, a USB cable, an A/C adapter, and an instruction manual.

    All things considered, this is a perfect surveillance device for monitoring your home and business. It is true HD 720p resolution combined with superior motion detection capabilities and option of plugging in constant a/c power all wrapped up into this inconspicuous and yet fully functional  P2P camera. Get this Hidden video recorder and you will never regret it. 

    wifi alarm clock


  • 720P HD Real-time Camera Glasses Support Snapshot

    Today, i'll introduce one newest design of glasses—camera glasses. Different tradition glasses,it's mainly used for spy activity.

    Camera Glasses

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