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Spy products have become much popular and there are many different gadgets which can be utilized for secret operations and investigations. These gizmos have made it really easy to perform secret operations and if you are spying on someone. An extensive variety of spy products is loaded in the market with hi-tech features and can be handled conveniently. You can search for the finest spy products and use them for your personal investigations. Today,I'll introduce our new stylish product: Light Bulb Camera.

 Light Bulb Camera

Key Features of the Light Bulb Camera:

Simple installation, screw in -like a bulb

2pcs Real Lights and 2pcs 3rd IR LED Array

2pcs Real Light LED switch ON/OFF control by APP or Remote Control

New to market, providing double mode, AP mode / WiFi mode

Remote access by SmartPhones(Andriod)/ iPhone/ iPad/ Notepads/ Notebooks/ PC/ Mac

Using Peer to Peer technology, plug to play

Using industrial grade processor, TI-DM365

Using 1.3 mega pixel image sensor

H.264 compression, HD960P resolution

Accept Worldwide Voltage AC 100 -250V

Using 3rd generation LED array, better image at night and longer life 3-5yrs, night vision distance 20 meters

Double alarm alerts, email alert and mobile push alert

There are few things more commonplace and unlikely to attract attention than a light bulb in the ceiling fixture above you. Maximizing it’s elevated vantage point, and featuring a 120° viewing angle, the Light Bulb Hidden Camera is not only designed to look like a modern, energy-efficient light bulb, but is fully capable of functioning like one as well. There’s no complicated instructions or setup to go through, simply screw the Light Bulb Camera directly into any standard lighting fixture, and start recording immediately. Just like that, you have the perfectly disguised tool to safeguard your home or business, helping you keep an eye on your valuables and loved ones. 

Bullet points of the Light Bulb Camera:

720p HD Video and Audio Recording

The Light Bulb Hidden Camera features detailed 720p HD quality video recording, as well as sound recording within a forty meter range.

Never Worry About Low Battery - Power is Directly Supplied Through Light Fixture

The Light Bulb Camera draws power directly from the lighting fixture, no power cords or high-maintenance batteries required. Unlike almost every other hidden camera on the market, after you install it, you can rest assured that you never have to worry about monitoring or recharging the camera again.

Built-in Infrared LED Lights for Recording at Night

We know that protecting your home or business is a round-the-clock, 24 hour job, and the camera you rely on to do that needs to record just as well at night as it does during the day. The Light Bulb Camera features 24 built-in LED infrared lights, ensuring that your night-time recording retains detail and quality even in pitch black.

Auto-Exposure for Consistency in Different Lighting Settings

Because the Light Bulb Camera operates in rapidly shifting lighting settings, both during the day, when the light from the bulb is on or off, and at night, the camera makes use of an auto-exposure setting to control the effects of outside lighting on it’s recording.

Loop Recording

Loop Recording frees you from having to remember to manually save or delete old footage every time you want to record something. When the camera reaches its memory limit, it will simply start recording over old, uneventful footage.

Continuous or Motion-Activated Recording

The Light Bulb Camera has two recording settings, continuous or motion-activated recording. If set to continuous recording, the wireless spy camera will operate indefinitely, powered through a lighting fixture and utilizing the loop recording feature to override old footage. On the other hand, you can set the camera to motion-activated recording, cutting down on the footage you may later want or need to review.   

Memory Storage for up to a 32GB MicroSD Card (not included)

Even though the Light Bulb Camera offers space management features like Loop Recording, you still want as much recording capacity as you can get. With that in mind, the camera gives you the option of extensive memory storage, supporting up to a 32GB MicroSD card.

How can you buy the Light Bulb Camera online?

Visit our spy shop: wiseupshop. Wiseupshop is a spy store that specializes in home security camera,spy equipment, dvr, and much more.


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