Will You Still Hesitate, If a 2.0’’ LCD Screen is Added to The Power Bank Camera?

As a journalist, the main job is to obtain the truth about the targets. However, when they carry the cameras and hold the microphones, no one will speak out the actual situation but put on a splendid mask and say something impractical; then, this kind of interview will lose the original meaning. Actually, we have to admit that the obvious lens and ID cards only suit the compliments while the hidden cameras will conceal your identity, acting like an innocent passerby or sincere purchaser and let the public see the truth as well.

Thus, a latest power bank spy cam will be introduced to those who usually need to take some secret investigations or interviews. This spy cam will not only overthrow your previous thought about power bank camera but also cover all the merits of the old ones.

The power bank hidden camera is with built-in 2.0’’ LCD screen, which can be used for playing back the video files you got any time and anywhere; this little screen solves the defects that the users can only check the videos through the connection to the computer USB port, plus, the spy power bank can be set to blank screen during the process of video recording. Besides, the rechargeable battery inside supports 9-hour continuous video recording and all the function buttons are hidden will by the cover, the Micro SD card slot included. Thus, you can feel free whether the targets will find out any flaw. In addition, loop recording is supported, then you do not need to clear the useless old files or worry about there isn’t enough memory for next mission. There are 4 kinds of resolution optional to suit individual needs. The most important character of the spy cam is that it is a real power bank!

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