Take a Sports Camera and Leave a Memory for This Spring Action

The early Spring has come with the warm wind, now, it is the best season to do some outdoor activities. Such as: going climbing, going surfing, taking a bicycle…Whether you have gotten an idea in your mind or decide to try one sports item after reviewing this post. Taking a sports cam during the sports journey deserves a try this time, as it will record the beautiful sceneries while you are enjoying the happiness and excitement of the sports. So, what are you still waiting for? Just take your baggage and let your body starts moving!

The action sports camera is in the size of 62mm x 38mm x 31mm and weighs about 59g, plus, the accessories attached can fix the camera body to the sports equipment or clap it on your arms, so, your hands will be free. When you need some sports activities under the water, the waterproof housing will give the action camcorder complete protection even 30m underwater. With the HD sports camera, seeing the live sceneries under the sea becomes also available as you can reach them through the live screen of the APP on your Android or IOS phones via Wi-Fi signal of the camera. Meanwhile, there’s a remote control for you to handle the action video recorder when you do some extreme sports, which gives your safety with another guarantee.

As for the main performances of the mini action camera itself, it supports 1080P full HD video recording and photographing with 90-degree lens view angle lens. The built-in battery capacity is up to 1000mAH and supports 90mins operating lifetime on a single charge.

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