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  • Let a Security Spy Camera Guard me? Cool!

    “Hey, I saw the Justin Bieber at the airport in Hawaii yesterday!” “Really? How lucky you are!” A lot of super stars like Justin Bieber will cause fan frenzies everywhere they go so that their brokers and bodyguards will be rushed off their feet until they come into the cars. During that moment, they cannot either hurt those enthusiastic fans or neglect the stars’ safety. However, their views cannot cover too much places and people. So a easily-portable, quick-operation, distinct Hidden spy sunglasses will assist them to satisfy both of the stars and fans.

    This kind of glasses with camera supports real-time audio & video recording and snapshot, besides, the two functions are controlled by one button on the left arm of the frame, so it is as easy as adjusting your spy glasses. Just remember one thing: Press 3 seconds to record video and 1 second to take a photo. Simple operation! Right? Besides, the small hidden camera supports loop recording, so you do not need to clear the unnecessary files, the new video files will cover the old ones when the memory (64GB SD card in max is supported) is full. What’s more, the cam spy’s video resolution is up to 1920x1080P, full HD definition will let you get every clear face in your camera lens. By the way, the security camera’s operating battery life time is about 1 hour continuous video recording, so you can powered spy camera glasses off when not using them; the power on/off button is the above function button, too. Remember, pressing 2 seconds to power the video camera glasses on while pressing 5 seconds to power it off.

    Let’s come closer to the surface of the spy sunglasses. The product dimension is 15.5cm x 5.2cm x 4.5cm, which size is similar to the normal sunglasses’, meanwhile, the hidden cam glasses weighs 38g and the hd spy camera glasses can also be used as a real sunglasses. 

    Does this wireless security camera capture you? Just get it before the Thanks Giving Day, and you will get 30% off and get 10% discount code at the same time. What’s more, your work will get the stars’ more affirmation with it. 

  • Wiseupshop HD-SDI IR Day/Night Vision Wireless Security Camera

    If you visit a mall you will notice that they have security camera systems installed everywhere?
    This is done in order to ensure that no goods or items are stolen. In fact these cameras have often come to the rescue of the buyers as well. 
    With the number of thefts and robbery increasing everywhere, one should install these cameras at their home as well.Today, I'll introduce our porpular product: HD-SDI IR Day/Night Vision Wireless Security Camera.
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