Why do You Still Need a DV Camcorder to Record the Family Time?

In this fast-past society, many parents are too busy with the work to spend some quality time with their kids. However, they still try their best to stay with the adorable kids on the weekend. The family time is limited and deserves recording, thus, the best way is to get a DV camcorder and save them. Forgetting about the smartphones, they will interrupt your chats when checking the message. When you are old and your children grow up, you can still review those wonderful moments with them, and that’s a really happy thing.

It is with gold appearance and able to 1080P video recording with 16x digital zoom, of course, this is the basic function of an ordinary DV camera. Next, I will show you some special character of this handheld camcorder.

1. It supports smartphone and tablet P2P view and control. That means, you can view the live video on your phone in P2P mode.

2. It is with IR night vision. Then, you can also get complete videos or photos in the dark light environment.

3. It is with 3.0 TFT LCD touch screen and 270-degree rotation, which brings better user experience.

Except for these, the image resolution and video resolution can be adjusted on the main menu.

You have gotten a refrigerator for retaining freshness, bought a wardrobe for storing clothes, deposited your money in the bank…Why not get a tool to save the memory of your family time? It is a desirable investment!

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