Wiseupshop HD Motion Activated Spy Camera Pen

The spy pen camera is an useful technology when one is searching for an useful security gadget. It also can reward the average person with micro sized capability to do surveillance and small detective work. Much like a regular camera, it can be utilized when the circumstance calls for discreet video and audio recording.

Spy Camera Pen

Bullet Points of the Spy Camera Pen:
Real-time Audio & Video Recording
1280x720P HD Video Resolution
Support Snapshot Function
8GB TF Card Built-in
Support 32GB TF Card in Max

One Of The Defining Products In The Spy Industry

The pen camera is one of the products that defines the industry. They operate with just the click of a button, and instantly high quality video is recorded. Just plug it into a computer afterwards to view the footage!

Don't get tricked by other companies offering pens in catalogs, auction sites, or certain retail stores. Our products are reliable and come with our satisfaction guarantee, in addition to lifetime tech support! All our products are solid and we stand by them.

Mainly usages of the Spy Camera Pen:

Saving important meetings and conversations

Discreetly recording college lectures

Secret shoppers


How It Works:

One touch operation with no special tricks or software

The pen camera works with just a single click; press the button on top of the unit and the camera will power on. It will automatically start recording video and sound. Press it a second time for a few moments, and the spy pen will power off. That's really all there is to it!

The video recorded is 1280x960 resolution at 30 frames per second (FPS); the audio quality while recording video is excellent as well, and can pickup conversations up to 10 feet away. There is a small LED indicator on the back of the pen to let you know if the device is powered on or off.

To view the footage, unscrew the middle of the pen to reveal a USB port that can be inserted into a computer. You can then use any media player to view the files. You can also use your computer to program the date/time stamp into the pen so it appears in all your videos.

A 1-hour battery is located inside the unit and can be recharged by plugging the USB plug into a computer. It typically takes about 25 minutes for a full charge.

Esay for viewing the footage

The pen camera stores the video onto a micro SD memory card (not included); simply plug it into your computer to view the files that were saved. The video files that were recorded will have a date and time stamp, so you'll know exactly when an event happened. Files are in an AVI format and are compatible with any computer you use. It will work with the usual media players like Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes, Quicktime, and etc.

How can you buy the Spy Camera Pen online?

You can buy it in our spy store: wiseupshop.Wiseupshop offers a complete range of security camera,spy cameras,surveillance equipment and digital video recorder to protect your home or your bussiness.

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