Wiseupshop Motion Activated Power Bank Hidden Camera

This ordinary looking Power Bank is the perfect hidden camera, because adapter are so common these days. Place it in your living room, kitchen, office, business, retail store, even a warehouse or garage. No one will ever suspect that there is a powerful HD camera inside.

 Power Bank Hidden Camera

Bullet Points of the Power Bank Hidden Camera :
Real-time Audio & Video Recording
1920x1080P HD Video Resolution
Support Motion Detective Recording
Support Loop Recording
12 Hours Operating Battery Life Time
Flashlight Function

Covertly record what goes on when you are not around

Leave this covert Power Bank Hidden Spy Cameras on a flat surface with a good view of the room and keep a covert eye on what happens. This common item can easily be hidden in plain sight on a desk, shelf, counter, table, window, etc. With a 90-degree view angle, you can easily see what is happening in the item’s vicinity.

This dual function mini power pack is a device normally used to charge or give extra power to cell phones and other USB charger electronic items when an electrical outlet is not available but it also contains a hidden camera DVR that can covertly record in any situation.

The built-in digital DVR hidden camera records high-resolution 1280 x 720 HD digital video so you can see all of the details of what goes on when you aren't around.

Motion detection function

With advanced motion detection technology, this device will automatically start recording when there is movement in front of the camera lens when you select motion detection mode. This option will help save battery life and time of viewing footage because you will only be getting video footage when there is action happening.

Charge & Record Simultaneously

The Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera comes wired with two separate battery circuits, allowing you to charge your phone while also recording HD video at the same time.

Mainly usages of the Power Bank Hidden Camera :

Personal protection

Evidence of workplace harassment

Secret shopping

Law enforcement

Undercover investigations

Recording the next viral YouTube video!

Where you can buy Power Bank Hidden Camera  online?

You can buy it in our online store:wiseupshop. Wiseupshop is a spy store that offer the best spy cameras, security cameras at discount prices. Company is committed to provide cost effective and high quality of products and services to its customers. 

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