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  • Wireless Mini DV Camcorder, Accompanies Your Baby to Grow Up Happily

    A good home education cannot leave with careful protection from adult parents, meanwhile, more encouragement should be given to the little ones to know about this world independently. But, whoever will totally feel free when his child stays alone? If you seek him/her and check whether he/she is safe, the initial purpose of education will become meaningless. Thus, that’s what the wifi mini DV camcorder comes for, then your child will grow happily with your silent protection.

    As for the operation, the wireless camera is much easier than you expect. With network, smartphone and continuous power supply, you can see everything through the small wireless camera whenever and wherever you want. Sliding the power switch to the ON position and inserting a Micro SD card, the rest work will be handled over to the APP on your phone. There, you can see what your darling is doing and whether he/she really needs some help or meets some terrible danger. If you like, you can save these video files on your computer. Then, it would be quite meaningful to review them when your little child became a mature adult like you. When you go out and leave the steady power socket, that’s OK. The natural world is full of mystery and magic, where it is worth to seek new things for your darling. However, there is one point to be remembered that the built-in rechargeable battery of the video camcorder is only able to support 50-minute continuous video recording.

    The accessories attached for you is also as careful as that way you treat your darling. The camera case in rubber material can protect your mini wireless camera from fall damage; the clip mount can let you wear the mini video camera at your collar or pocket; the bracket set can assist the spy camcorder to stay anywhere plane; the lanyard can hang the hidden video recorder on the pin of the wall or your neck, etc.

    Thus, this mini video recorder cannot be more suitable to give your darling invisible protection. As it acts like your eyes around him/her and accompanies him/her to grow up. 

    Wanna know more about it? Please click the below link.

  • Bring Creativity To The Application Of Home Security Camera

    Speaking of the home security camera, people tend to regard it as the security guard to keep their family and property safe. Some install a security camera to keep an eye on their pets and even yards. From time to time, when there are some repair personnel or construction workers coming in or out your house, your security camera makes sure everything is staying on track.

    Other than these common advantages, these security cameras could have more creative applications in your life. The light bulb WIFI cameras Wiseup spy store offers are dual functional. Not only they work as a security camera to keep your property safe 24/7, they serve as a regular home bulb that illuminates. Installing it on the wall helps capture more fine details of the room. In this article, we will share some thoughts on how to make your security more applicable in a creative way.

    WIFI Spy Camera Bulbs

    As a working parent, you might not have enough time to check on your kids regularly. These WIFI spy camera bulbs are a good way to see if they are getting along and stay on their best behavior. Aside from the problems that may reveal in the video footage, you are likely to find something interesting. For instance, you are having a party, your friends and families are coming to your house for dinner, playing games etc, and everyone is having a blast time. These WIFI camera bulbs record the whole process without making them feel uncomfortable. You may catch some funny moments and dance moves and share them on Youtube, hopefully making you next Youtube sensation. Since GIF pictures are all over the Internet, why not try to turn those precious moments into a GIF pictures and share them on social media.

     Image result for family reunion party

    Now it is the end of the year. Companies or individuals try to review their past year and hopefully become better next year by virtue of the previous experience. If you continue saving memories like the way we advise, you will learn a lot by the end of the year. High school yearbook is a great way to document your high school life. Why not make a video yearbook for your family? You can send it to your families who live far away, showing them your joy and life of the year. Consider this video yearbook as a gift to your family.

  • Hidden Camera WiFi DVR Power Bank

    This hidden spy camera disguised as a power bank with built-in hidden camera with built-in DVR that records video to a Micro SD card. Power bank with hidden spy camera will work both as a power bank to charge your mobile phone and also a video camera to record events. It looks and works exactly how a power bank should do, you plug your phone in to it and it will charge your phone. Another thing that is worth your attention is that the package came with a cover. Put it in place, the SD card slot and reset hole will be invisible, which makes the camera more covert on the outside. Plus, this model is also a WiFi IP Network Camera that is capable of recording internally LIVE remote viewing and playback.

    Live remote viewing on almost any device connected to the internet or local network. Use your smartphone or tablet when on the road at the office to keep an eye on what's happening live. As long as you have access to the Internet connection, you will never miss out on important events. This Wifi camera can record two ways. You can record internally to a removable Micro SD memory card (included in the package). This DVR camera can work with SD cards up to 32GB in capacity. When the card does fill up, the oldest video will be recorded over to make room for the newer video. When the charging cable is connected then it will power the camera too so you can record 24/7 or for as long as you need. The built-in rechargeable battery can power this camera for up to 2 hours of continuous recording.

    Playback is real easy. If you record video directly to your phone or tablet, you can access them in your phone’s gallery. If they are recorded to the Micro SD card, you need to remove the SD memory card to view the recorded video on any PC (or Mac). The video files are recorded as MP4 (H.264) so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular free software like VLC media player. You can edit the video footage using any editing software you like. The video footage is recorded in 7920*1080P HD which enables you to see clearly everything up to and 6 meters away. As the Christmas is coming up, our spy camera store is offering more discounts for all the products. 

  • Shopping Guide for WIFI Hidden Cameras

    Wiseup offers a wide selection of Wifi hidden cameras. To better help you choose your own wifi camera, we divide them into four categories based on their appearances.
    The first category is the WIFI camera module. What’s great about this kind of camera is that they can be disguised as anything you want. You can hide it in a tissue box, plant, and stuffed animals and so on. All the module cameras are equipped with a backup battery. If you need it to work 24/7, just disconnect the camera with the battery and plug the camera to an outlet power supply using the included USB cable instead. The module wifi cameras Wiseup is selling like WIFI05, WIFI 21and WIFI25 shares one mobile application. That means you can monitor multi-cameras on your smartphone or tablet. The video resolution is all high definition 1280*720P. WIFI09 uses a different application called Camwf, but its backup battery lasts 8 hours on a full charge.
    The second category is WIFI clock camera. This kind of wifi camera often are dual functional. They are fully functional as a regular clock. But most of the clock wireless cameras we provided only displays time that can be set. The Clock WIFI 28 can work as a fully functional alarm clock. You can place it on your nightstand to wake you up every morning. Like Wifi camera module, the Wifi clock cameras we provide are compatible with one mobile application. These clock cameras include WIFI08,WIFI06,WIFI20,WIFI22, WIFI28 and WIFI29.
    The third category is bulb wifi spy camera. The bulb cameras with wifi network only work when connected to outlet power supply. The strong suit of this kind of bulb cameras is working nonstop. You don’t need to worry about battery dying. Like the former clock camera, these bulb cameras we provide serve as home appliances as well. Screw the bulb into any light socket with the E27 standard interface and it won’t look out of place. Quite a number of bulb cameras we offer are capable of emitting lights. There are dozens of beads within the bulb which are either controlled through the application or remote control. If the bulb cannot be used as a regular bulb but it does have beads inside, that means those beads might be IR LEDs. Similarly, some WIFI bulb cameras (BC300, WIFI36, WIFI37) use one single application and supports multi-camera monitoring.
    Others are power bank wireless cameras, smoke detector wifi camera and hook wifi cameras. For home security camera, we recommend our customers to buy several wifi cameras with different disguises. For example, installing a wireless bulb or clock camera in your living room or bedroom would be a good idea since they do function as their appearances do. If you feel like being more involved with the disguise of your wireless hidden cameras, you can choose wifi camera module and let your imagination run wild. If you need a more specific suggestion, please chat with our online customer service staff that will help you make the decision based on your needs.

  • Versatile WIFI-Controlled Robot Camera

    Have you ever wonder what is going on in your house when you are away for vacation or business?

    You may use your neighbor’s help but they are not always around. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, you can get a live view of your home situation on the other side of the world. All you need is a good IP camera, an android or IOS device, and a router. I believe the toy robot IP robot camera is your second to none choice.

    For starters, this robot is simply one good looking robot. Its camera lens is in the head on the top. It is not that covert. Since the robot has not built in battery, it only functions when connected to outlet power supply. Plug it into a wall outlet and you are ready to go. Many people find it troublesome to set up the IP camera and fail at times. You don’t need to worry about this. This versatile wifi spy cam is real easy to set up. There are two options: direct connection or smart link. For direct connection, you just need to insert an Ethernet cable into the robot and everything is done. The smart link means to get the network connection done by a sound wave. This robot is capable of panning 355 degrees and tilting 45 degrees. Rotating is simply done through swiping the direction you want on the application. What is the most worrisome problem when you are far away home? Most of you worry about break in without your consent? Motion detection function lets you track household activity while you’re away, and, in the event of an actual break-in, it can alert you of the situation and possibly help end it sooner and catch the criminal. Remember that there is a speaker built in the robot. So if you turn on the buzzer, the robot will keep buzzing loud once motion is detection within its range. Even if the buzz doesn’t scare the thief away, you will already be alerted to the situation and call the police right away. 
    Given its sleek and likable design, the wifi robot with camera works great as a baby monitor as well. Put it into place in the nursery room and see real time monitoring of your baby. The robot enables you to send a voice message and listen to live audio from the nursery room. The robot supports extending storage. You can try 32GB Micro SD card on the camera. The year is about to come to an end. This robot camera can be given as a New Year gift. It is for sale at 30% discount with an 8GB Micro SD card included. By having this robot camera, you will obtain a little peace of mind.

  • Dual Functional LED Bulb WIFI Camera

    Vicious child abuse happens frequently, raising people’s anger. Parents whose children suffer from such ferocious abuse are struggling to find solid evidence of the abuser, so have to move their kids to another school. In such case, the kindergarten’s reputation will be in bad shape. Each year we see plenty of child abuse incidents happen in preschool. No doubt, it is the duty of management personnel to step in and figure out a good solution. For the safety and well being of all children, it is necessary to install a surveillance camera in classroom for around-the-clock monitoring. We recommend this spy camera Wifi bulb.
    Not just a regular monitoring, principal in kindergarten can check what is really going on in the classroom using an application. Another benefit is that you are free to monitor 4 camera sat the same time on the exclusive application. The LED bulb functions as a real one so it is a dual functional WIFI camera. It blends in your household in its ordinary look without raising any suspicion. Install your LED bulb into a light socket and the spy camera bulb will be powered on. Once the LED is connected to power supply, it will work constantly. The set up is quite easy. First you need to connect your phone to the bulb’s wifi signal. Then add the camera in the app. After that, find wifi settings or wifi configuration page, select the available wifi network at school. Give the bulb a few minutes to establish the connection. When the managing guy is away from school, just connect to another appropriate WIFI network or shut off wifi and use mobile network instead. If the set up fails, you have to reset the bulb and set up all over again.
    The LED bulb supports motion detection as well. So if you want to find out who stole something in the classroom during lunch break, just go to the alarm configuration page, set sensitivity and tap ok. A screenshot will be taken automatically when motion is detected. You can check them on your app. If you need it to record based on motion detection, go to sd card record config page and select on alarm recording mode. The video will be saved in the sd card on the LED bulb. But you can access them on your phone. The LED bulb is for safe at 40% discount with an 8GB Micro SD card included. No more waiting. Get it now! 

  • Why Must I Get a Spy Camera at My Bedroom

    Apartments in major cities are expensive and, for most people, renting on your own is going to be unaffordable unless you're earning megabucks every year. For many, living with roommates is the best alternative to living somewhere out in the suburbs. After all, living in the city is all about living in the city, isn't it? If you're new to a city, or don't have a ready-made network of friends to socialize with, living with roommates gives you an instant connection, plugging you into the life of the city. Not everybody socializes with their roommates but many do and carry on being friends for years afterwards. When it comes to this, you will be eager to have a try, however, one point has to mentioned that we have to keep an eye on our property while a CCTV in your bedroom will distance yourself from your innocent roommates invisibly. Now, a professional hidden cam may be just right for the purpose.

    Wifi25 mini spy camera at Wiseup shop is a kind of wireless camera just suitable for those who need sharing an apartment. The small video camera’s tiny size and powerful functions win a lot of our clients’ heart. You can put the DIY spy camera in your closet, and one of your toys is also a good subject to be chosen. Just find a right thing you like.

    Once installation, download APP on your phone, then you can see what is going on at your bedroom remotely through WAN mode setup between your telephone and wireless video camera. Quite easy, right? What’s more, the security camera system can provide 7/24 service like a loyal home guide. When the dark is coming, don’t worry, and your home guide still can see anything as the spy cam is with IR night vision. If you don’t want to delete the old files to make room for new ones, just open the motion detection recording mode, then all you get is the effective video records. About the video resolution, although hidden camera for home cannot provide the full HD video files, but all the video records the network camera catch is in continuous 1280x720D no matter how fast the targets move.

    If you has started to have an interest at this item, you can click the below official website of this wireless hidden camera at our spy camera shop to know more about it.

  • Life-Changing tool for home security: Our Newest Wireless LED Light

    Every time you learn some break-in on the news, you know you want your family to be safer, always out of harm’s way. When you leave for work, you expect to return to a smiling family, and to a home that is secure. The growing crime rates across cities reflect the bitter reality. Many people overlook, ignore, and underestimate the significance of taking appropriate home security measures. A burglary or theft can lead to devastating consequences, both emotionally and financially. Some complain that home security system costs dearly and the after service is disappointing. Others grumble about the complex installation for security surveillance system. In light of this situation, Wiseushop launched a new indoor security camera: wireless light bulb. This lamp is more than a regular light bulb. It is also a security camera for home or office.

    Indoor Wifi Network Security Camera LED Lamp

    We are getting requests from our customers that they want their IP camera to be multifunctional, especially when it comes to home security system. So our engineers have developed a product that is useful as a home appliance and surveillance camera. This LED bulb is the best solution. Compared to other kinds of ip cameras, this LED bulb is powered by mains power. Screw the bulb into a light fixture and turn on the power. The LED works around the clock. You don’t need to worry about powering off. Set up everything before you leave home. Even when you are away from home, as long as you have Internet connection, you can enjoy the wireless lighting anywhere on your smartphone by controlling the light beads through the app. The whole thing is based on an app called “RMON”. You can install the bulb in your living room or bedroom. The bulb has a wide angle lens that captures broad views.
    Some people find WIFI configuration tricky. But if you follow the instruction on the user manual, you will learn how to do that in a few minutes. If WIFI configuration fails, simply press the reset button on the bulb to reset the bulb to factory default and then reconfigure it. 

    This LED bulb is on sale at 80 dollars. If you order now, you will get free shipping and an 8GB micro sd card. If your order costs over $299, you will get more discounts. Click for more discount: wiseupshop.com. Find more information about this item:  http://www.wiseupshop.com/wiseup-8gb-720p-hd-indoor-wifi-network-security-camera-led-lamp-bulb-support-iphone-android-app-remote-view-with-motion-detective-and-real-light-emitting-function.html

  • Buena Selección Para Proteger Nuestra Casa Mini Cámara Espía Reloj de Pared Analámbrico WIFI

      ¿Sabes cuántos tipos de cámaras ocultas?Existen diferentes tipos de cámaras espía, tales como: Cámara reloj despertador, cámara de carga del adaptador, cámara robot de juguete, cámara de bombilla LED, cámara del reloj de muñeca ,cámara banco de potencia,cámara reloj de pared,muchos y puedes saber más en nuestra web,wiseupshop.com.La cámara espia es cada día más importante . La necesidad de mantener nuestras pertenencias seguro y con todos los movimientos que tienen lugar en nuestro hogar u oficina en nuestra ausencia . Estas cámaras espías son pequeñas y ocultas.Por eso están disponibles en diferentes tamaños y formas que se pueden instalar en cualquier lugar . Actúa como una mascota digital, como nuestras mascotas ayudarnos vigilar nuestras pertenencias , por lo tanto, del mismo modo cámaras espía se mantendrá la vigilancia en casa en nuestra ausencia. Hay muchos tipos de cámara espía, grandes o pequeñas, con alambre o analámbrico. Entre todos, las cámaras analámbricos se utilizan ampliamente, ya que son sin problemas y no requieren la instalación de los cables. Las cámaras inalámbricas son más convenientes de usar y fácil de transmitir los datos a través de la conexión Wi-Fi.

      Hoy en día , hemos traído este cámara espía es un cámara reloj de pared.Esta cámara espia tiene la función de analámbrico WIFI.Puedes utilizar esta cámara espia como un reloj normal,también puedes utilizarlo como una cámara de seguridad y es más oculta.Puedes ver la situación de tu casa o tu oficina en cualquier lugar o en cualquier momento por APP de tu teléfono movil o tableta PC.Y el resolución de vídeo alta definición 1280x720P, le permitirá obtener un video de vigilancia claro, pantalla completa.Tiene el microphone incorporado,tiene la función de la grabación de bulce.Y otra característica increíble es que tiene la función de la grabación detección de movimiento, es decir, no te preocupe el tiempo de uso de la batería ,el vídeo de captura de movimiento es que cuando alguien pasa y le va hacer un video pero no pasa nadie no graba en esta ,muy interesante.¿Qué te parece?

       Esta cámara espia no sólo se aplica en casa ,sino también puedes usar esta cámara espía en la oficina,la tienda ,la restaurante,el supermercado,el hotel,etc.Puedes usar esta cámara espía en cualquier lugar donde puede colgar el reloj de pared.El reloj de pared es muy común en la vida.La cámara reloj de pared no sólo puede usarla como un reloj real, sino también tiene la función de cámara de seguridad,y es más oculta.Además ahora tenemos una actividades descuentos,por favor visite nuestra página de Facebook y encontrar el código de promoción para un 10% de descuento adicional. Wow si usted nos agrega en Facebook, obtendrá un descuento adicional de 20% de descuento en su pedido.Haga Clic en este enlace podrás conocer más http://www.wiseupshop.com/indoor-spy-camera.html

  • Introduction of the hottest HD DIY Spy Camera Module from Wiseupshop

      As technology advances, people expect more of
    their security cameras. Nowadays, people hope that their surveillance cameras
    can be used as widely as possible in real life. Thanks to improved technology,
    it is not impossible to achieve. We learn that many customers wish their
    security cameras not only to be fully functional wireless cameras, but also to
    be portable and unnoticeable. That’s why we launched this mini wireless spy camera
    module.ini Wifi Network Spy Camera Module

    tiny hidden wireless camera will definitely meet those needs. This wireless ip
    camera stands out among others because of its unique design. The camera and the
    battery can be disconnected. If you need the camera to work nonstop, use the
    USB cable to keep it plugged into an outlet AC
    power socket. We call it DIY spy camera module, meaning you can create your own secret camera as you like it. Wall clock, shoe box,
    painting, or plant—just to
    name a few. These are perfect disguises for
    a hidden camera. Let your imagination run wild and think about how much more
    you can do with this camera. You can blend in your home or office to turn it
    into a cool covert camera.

    need to plug your camera into a router. All you need is to install an App. The
    App is compatible with an App IOS and Android mobile device. Follow the
    instructions in the video to configure the WIFI network. Once configuration is
    done, you can view live streaming video from the camera anywhere as long as you
    have access to the Internet. Suppose you set up everything and leave home for
    work. If you feel like checking kids or pet to see if they are good or somebody
    breaks in your house without permission, just connect your smartphone to the
    WIFI network at your workplace or use your cellular network will allow you to
    view live streaming video. If you want it to serve as a home or office
    surveillance security camera,
    you can hide it in a light fixture or wall clock.
    In this way, the camera will capture a good angle of the room. Since the ip security camera has a wide angle lens, you won’t
    miss anything important happening in the room. The camera is on sale for 67
    dollars with an 8GB SD card and free shipping included. 

    If you are interested of spy cameras don't forget to check out our spy shop.

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