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  • Choosing a mini spy camera

    The mini spy camera is one of the bestsellers of the year in terms of monitoring equipment. Mainly intended for home use has the advantage of being very compact, easily concealable and a very affordable price.

    The mini hd spy camera comes in the form of a square target very small dimensions, making at most the size of a thumb. It is connected to a battery pack and an electronic unit which includes a SD card holder and an infrared receiver which allows the use of a remote control.

    The standard for this type of mini spy camera Full HD ie 1080px horizontal. It is a good quality image, which enables identification. However depending on the model selected the videos have a frame between 10 and 30fps. With 10fps it is closer to the movies of Charlie Chaplin that is what we expect as smooth video to date. It is therefore important to focus on models 30fps not be disappointed with their purchase. The battery is also a weak point of this type of equipment. Usually mini-cameras are equipped with small batteries of poor quality. The size and selling price are reduced. When a 800mA battery has a range of 5 hours, there is no need to couple it with a 64GB SD memory card for 20 hours of video recording. A 16GB card will do.
    HD Pinhole Spy Button Camera
    Note also that these cameras because of their compact size does not embark infrared diodes. They are designed to operate only during daylight. However, they have motion detection function that proves quite useful when you have not the opportunity to use the remote control or that one wishes to use it for monitoring purposes.

    On this type of spy camera minimum price varies between 50 and $ 70 depending on the model. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. Some models also incorporate IP functions and a small transmitter Wifi. Finally for installations in harsh it is also possible to find models that are powered by current.

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  • Home Security and Your Children

    You invested in a home security system for a variety of reasons. Protecting your family was probably at the top of the list. Depending upon the age of your children (teenagers, adolescence or young ones) there may be times when they are in the house alone. Maybe you're visiting the next door neighbor or you got an emergency call and had to leave, or perhaps you're running late returning from work or doing errands. Whatever the circumstance, your children will need to understand some basic home safety rules as well as to how to use the family home security system in your absence. As a parent there may be reluctance to having a discussion about safety and home security for fear of scaring the children. Parents often underestimate the level of real-world knowledge of their children. It is possible to teach effective home security skills without instilling unnecessary fear in your children. To help you discuss this topic, here are some suggestions that can help your children develop good safety habits in the home.


    1. Each Child Is Different - Every child in your family is different, both physically and emotionally. So it's difficult to specify an age when a child should be ready to learn the basics about the family home security system. Your child needs to be responsible enough to follow directions and mature enough to understand that the security system access code is private information and should never be shared with anyone. As a basic guideline, if your child is old enough to stay home without adult supervision, he or she should be able to manage the family home security system. You as the parent can best judge this.


    For your young child that may not be ready to operate your home alarm system without supervision, he/she should learn the basic rules about answering the door or the telephone, and they can participate in family emergency drills.


    2. Preventing False Alarms - As mentioned, if your child is old enough to be home alone after school, he or she will need to know how to disarm and arm your home alarm system. Teach your child the security code needed and practice entering the code together. By investing the time to practice this procedure will drastically reduce the risk of your system generating a false alarm to the monitoring company. If your child enters the security code incorrectly, they will likely be contacted by a monitoring agent and should practice what to say to let the agent know that no help needs to be sent. Encourage your child to let you know when this happens once you return home. (While most home security false alarms are nothing more than a nuisance, they can occasionally be costly to homeowners and your town may impose fees for responding to false alarms.)


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  • WIFI Network Toy Car Spy Camera

    Spy Camera Toy Car Baby Monitor

    Fancy toy cars are all over the market. But I bet you have never seen one as good as ours. This toy car may look no different than the others but take a closer look and you will find something new. It has a camera built in. Not only that, the camera lens is rotatable vertically 40 degrees. Like most toy cars, it can be steered by remote control. But you can use your phone as remote control to drive the car. Other than that, the car actually is a powerful wifi camera. It supports remote viewing. It wouldn’t be better to leave it in your household to check on your children or pets. If you are at work feeling like knowing what’s going on back home, launching the application will give you the answer. 

    What distinguishes the camera from others is that you can steer it remotely using your phone or tablet PC. If you find your kids naughty at home and want to give them a warning, just send them a voice message using your phone. Parents who are working late do not have to worry about the darkness, cuz the camera will turn on its IR LEDs once the illumination is low enough. Another feature that beats other cars is that the car toy can be charged by using the WIRELESS CHARGER. The car is on sale at 30 % discount. Click to buy:


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  • WIFI Network Toy Robot Spy Camera

    Many people want their nanny camera to be multifunctional and unnoticeable. This is not something impossible. Take a look at this robot. You may find it normal. But actually this is a wifi camera. Robot design just covers its true function. The robot runs on AC power and works nonstop. You can mount this robot on wall or elsewhere you find suitable. What sets this robot camera from other kinds is its smart link function. Unlike usual WIFI camera, remote view setup may be found confusing for some people. But smart link only requires one WIFI network. Make sure your phone is related to a workable WIF network and then begin to “smart link” in the application and the camera will not start ringing until it connects successfully. Then you are good to go. As long as the power supply is on, you are free to watch live streaming video from your home with internet access. If you worry about internet disconnection, then use an Ethernet cable. If this does not impress you, then try this. The robot head has a built in camera that is rotatable vertically 45° and horizontally 355°. Just swipe up, down, left and right on the live streaming screen to adjust the camera lens to desired angle. You won’t miss a corner. Perfect for home/office surveillance, nanny camera and store theft. 

    The application supports IOS and android smartphones. Set up the camera to record video based on motion detection and the video will saved in the SD card in the robot. You view the video files later. The camera can even supports sending voice message in the application. And don’t worry about darkness cuz the camera features IR LEDs and you can record video in low lights. So many functions are all rolled into one robot that is for sale at a 30% discount and includes an 8GB micro SD card. Come and get it at wiseup:




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