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  • The WIFI AC Adapter Hidden Camera

    These days everything we perform is covered by technology. It always starts from our home to the office in which technology improves competitively all over the world. In our lifestyle, we desire to watch our family, business, and possessions. Home security using the hidden and convert camera security system is far better for computer camera security as well as also affordable nowadays. A number of people claim that the monitoring can assist police to classify or find their invaders. Every one desires to have a hidden security camera to feel secure at home and office. Parents are always bothered about parting their child with babysitter or nanny, in that case they decided to set up the hidden security camera at any area in home for you in order to access the live streaming video from any location.

    The invasion of hidden camera makes the business personality easy to monitor their business and remain appropriate checking to the business on their absence. Other way it also useful to set security system like financial companies, bank, malls, hotel and other to assure safety as well as keep checking all activities. There can be advantages or disadvantages of this advanced technology as there may be some people misusing the camera security system. This system must be used for completely for security purpose not to make fun for other privacy.

    Remote, Covert Surveillance Made Easy

    The WIFI AC Adapter Hidden Camera is designed with convenience in mind. This common-looking AC adapter houses a high definition, 720p hidden spy cameras with a 90-degree viewing angle, perfect for capturing an entire room. Keep an eye on a nanny or caregiver, or ensure that your business is running smoothly day and night. Using its innovative point-to-point WiFi connection, you're able to live-stream your video from anywhere on your smartphone, Android or iPad tablet, with Internet access. And with the included app, syncing and configuring your device is faster than typical wifi cameras, and far more secure. And because this hidden cam runs on AC power, there are no batteries to worry about.

    This full-featured covert camera can be set up to record based on motion, and customizable alerts will keep you informed of any activity the camera detects. Know the moment you should check in on your property so you never miss an important shot. it also records to an SD card (8GB included; up to 32GB, not included) so even if you're unable to watch your video live, you can review footage later and have recorded evidence of a break-in or abuse. Of course, you can just check in on your child or pet anytime you're away from home.



  • Wireless  Clock Camera

    As its name suggests, a spy camera is a type of camera that is usually used for not so ordinary tasks like spying on someone, catching the bad guys and so much more. The spy devices is a small but is definitely a very useful device. This kind of camera is not really new to the society because many people have been using it for whatever purpose it may serve to them. It is usually available in two types - wired and wireless. But most of the time, people go for the one wireless because it is more convenient and easy to use compared to the wired one.
    In addition, there are even people who use such device in replacement for security surveillance system which is known to be expensive. It definitely does not have the same features, functionalities and capabilities of a surveillance system but it is also a good way to keep your property safe from those people who are planning of doing something stupid. Aside from using a spy camera for personal reasons, it can also be used in many places like stores and other establishments. The device can be installed in a location where the cash register area can be covered to make sure that criminals who will try to rob the place will easily be identified. And because it is small in size, other people will not be able to notice that you are constantly monitoring everything that's happening inside the establishment.

    This clock WIFI camera support LAN connection, motion detection and loop recording. The camera will send alert and ring off loud once it detects motion. Even if there is a break in, the trespasser will be scared away.


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  • An Ordinary but Special Spy Camera Tie

    here would be a hardly any person who is not fascinated with spy gadgets and other unique devices which are used in almost every spy thriller films. These spy products can be used for multipurpose, from recording audio and video to safeguarding the premises, the gadget can do anything. Apart from spy action and adventure films, the law enforcement agencies, security companies and private detectives have extensively used the hidden cameras and other similar products. With the fall in the price of these gadgets the demand for such goods has considerably increased.

    Ordinary individuals use hidden cameras to check on cheating spouses, monitoring nannies and workers. People can also install the device in their homes and offices to protect the premises. The USP of hidden cameras is that they are too small and so can be disguised in any ordinary household objects such as pen, keychain, photo frames, wall clock and similar objects which are frequently utilized at home and working place. The Wide range of cheap spy cameras in America is available online and at offline shops.

    If you have not tried your hands on spy gadget yet, then you should surely try following devices. The tools are easy to use and an ideal body for little spy cams. Also no one will suspect them as a spy camera. Starting with tie, you can put hidden cameras and bugs straight in clothing but if this is not convenient then you can put them within the accessories like tie, cuff links and other similar items.

    Recently, one of the most popular spy gadgets--- the spy camera tie has arrived at Wiseup shop. Spy ties are exceptional spy gadgets. At first glance, it looks like any other tie but what lies beneath that façade only you alone know. Unknown to others, this tie has a built in DVR kit that allows you to videotape anything around you. It also comes with a remote control keychain so nobody can even tell you're getting footage of him or her.

    The spy tie records both video and audio. You can get clear footage and sound from your subjects up to 10 meters away. It's equipped with high resolution and longer battery life so you can videotape up to 2 hours.

    Unlike other spy gadgets, the spy tie comes with 4GB built in memory, USB power adapter and cord so you can upload your videos in your notebook anytime, anyplace. The whopping memory is another bonus especially if you don't have the luxury of time to upload your videos after each recording.

    If you're one of those detective wannabes out there, you can jumpstart your job by dressed in a spy tie. It is available in stylish and fashionable designs that can perfectly match your office uniform and other outfits. Nobody can tell the difference whether you're using an ordinary tie or one equipped with a hidden camera.

    So what are you waiting for? Be your own movie producer and director with your very own spy tie!

  • Home IP Camera - wifi bulb camera

    People from all walks of life are concerned about security and surveillance and they don't abstain from shedding away lots of money for the same but still there are some gaps in their security which cannot be filled thereby, risking their lives and properties. No matter where you stand in society either you are rich or poor you have this constant fear that someone would steal or damage your property or could even harm you. Let's take an example which will throw some light on the benefits of cheap spy cameras in the day to day life.

    Nowadays, people are highly aware of property security. Property and household assets are just too valuable to lose. We are certainly unable to predict when the thieves break in our house, but there are ways to prevent criminals from committing thievery. As a growing number of people are keen on monitoring their house, home IP cameras come along.

    This is not the only use; it can be taken to offices where employers want their employees to be result oriented and always diligent to work and not engaged in any other unproductive activities.

    To keep deleterious activities at bay. For any business, the main aim is to generate more revenue and for that, employees have been hired and if they engage in some other activities which are not beneficial to the company, to keep a tab on their activities.

      Wifi Network Spy Camera LED Lamp Bulb

    So, the crux is everybody needs security and for that one cannot just simply depend on others; one must have to take things into their own hands because if anything terrible happens then the loss is totally theirs and also prevention is better than cure.

    Speaking of IP camera at home, bulb camera stands out as a perfect choice. Most bulb cameras do work as a real bulb and WIFI network function, two rolled in one. Today we are introducing to you our latest WIFI bulb camera. The bulb has more advantages over the regular ones. As most WIFI camera supports motion detection and loop recording, we need no further elaboration in this respect. One thing, however, beats other kinds of camera is that this camera is rotatable 360° horizontally and 180° vertically. Suppose, mount it in your living room, just adjust the angle you want and you can watch live streaming video covering every corner of the room. The camera has 25 pieces LED lights built in and they are controlled on your smartphone APP. No one will ever get suspicious about it. 

  • What is with Spy Camera?

    There are different types of spy camera from bulky to compact, wired, without wire and so on. The function of each camera is to provide surveillance whether in indoors or outdoors. Unlike the old models, the new models of spy camera are economical. If these reasons are not enough to make you buy the nanny cams, then have a look at its advantages and decide for yourself whether to buy a spy camera or not.

    Blend in household objects- The tiny spy camera are small enough to be built in the household objects like alarm clock, wall clocks, pen, watch, keychain, USB flash drive, bulb and button, thermometer, power bank, mug, tie, hat, hook, etc...The device blend seamlessly in these articles that no one can suspect them as spy camera, since with providing surveillance, they function like a respective object too.

    Cannot be detected- Since these camera are small enough to be concealed anywhere therefore they does not strikes the attention of others. Pinhole camera, IP camera, is amongst those spy cameras which cannot be detected.

    Comes handy everywhere- The spy cams are not restricted to indoors use only. They are portable and robust. You want to embed these cameras into your household or want to carry along with you it's totally your wish.

    Cover long distance- Spy cameras cover a large area and our latest models can even pan from right to left and vice versa, from top to bottom and vice a versa.

    Conserve battery- The spy cameras have built-in motion detection sensor, which starts recording after detecting the movement and stops when there is now motion. However it resumes recording once it observes the movement again. In this way the battery life of the device is extended.

    Night vision- The spy cams have ability to record even in low light conditions also.

    Loop recording- The spy cameras are able to replace its first video file with newest one when the memory card is full.

    The above advantages must have lured you, if so, then go have a look at our stock and pick your own item.

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  • IP Camera: the bulb camera BC185WM suggest for you


    IP cameras are often used as security tools mostly including two fields: home and business. It can alarm automatically when unexpected cases appears which will take good care of your families and wealth. To be more specific, you can know the conditions of your old people or kids from a long distance at any time through network video.

    The application of wireless IP cameras in chain store and small businesses is another part that can make a difference. It helps solve the difficult problems effectively during managing the stores. The system consists of network cameras and network video servers mainly. It can connect with all the spots of surveillance through the network connection of bandwidth, optical fiber or others. Supervisors can control and manage the front end equipments through the management software.

    With the developments of technologies, the WIFI IP camera universally produces highly detailed, quality video in challenging lighting conditions, whether it is low-light scenes, no-light scenes or high-contrast environments. Besides home security and small businesses security, IP cameras have been made use of in a wider range all over the world. In result, they are the future trend in the field of security and protection.

    Wondering what's going on in your house and office when you are absent? The Bulb Camera releases you from the worries with powerful functions. With it you'll feel reassured and concentrate on what you are doing at hand.

    BC185WM is a right item for many reasons. iPhone or Android application is good enough to monitor what is going on at home or office. The item looks no different than average domestic bulbs and it works as a bulb. It has 120 degree wide view angle. It supports motion detection, snapshot, loop recording and email alert. The application is able to turn on or off the light remotely. PC client software is available for all operating systems. Be aware that the video files you recorded can only be played back using the PC client software for privacy sake.

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